1. Download the Patriot VPN Macintosh client HERE.

    Alternatively you can get the client in the downloads area by going to the 'downloads' section:

    Directions to get to the Downloads area.

    Click on the link and your file will download to your computer:

    Example of the Macintosh client download in the downloads area.

  2. Locate your download (usually stored in the Downloads folder on your computer):

    Patriot VPN Macintosh installation package

  3. Ctrl-click or double-click on the file to unpack and mount the installer image:

    Patriot VPN Installation Image

  4. Click 'Open' on the security message:

    Patriot VPN Installation, click 'Yes' on the security message

  5. Click "Next":

    Patriot VPN Installation, click 'Next'

  6. Click 'Install':

    Patriot VPN Installation, click 'Install'

  7. Your computer needs authorization to install, enter in your username and password for your computer and click 'OK' (if you don't know your username and password, talk to your administrator or IT group):

    Patriot VPN Installation, provide your administrator username and password

  8. The Patriot VPN application will start to install:

    Patriot VPN Installation Progress Bar

  9. Once finished you will have a Patriot VPN icon in your Launchpad and your Applications folder:

    Patriot VPN Launchpad Icon    Patriot VPN Application Folder Icon

  10. Launch the application, click on 'Settings' to configure the VPN:

    Patriot VPN Configuration, click on 'Settings'

  11. On the Settings page, put in your Patriot VPN username, password, and click 'Update':

    Patriot VPN Configuration, put in username, password, and click 'Update'

  12. After clicking on 'Update' you will see a confirmation that your settings were 'Updated':

    Patriot VPN Configuration, changes updated successfully

  13. Exit out of the configuration screen and on the main screen click on 'Server location' to choose which server you want to connect to:

    Patriot VPN Configuration, select 'Server location'

  14. Scroll through the list of servers and select the one you wish to use:

    Patriot VPN Configuration, select the server you wish to use

  15. After selecting your server you will be returned to the main screen with your server selected:

    Patriot VPN Configuration, your server is now selected

  16. Click on the 'power button' to get connected, once it turns green you are connected:

    Patriot VPN Use, click on the power button to connect

  17. In order to disconnect, click on the 'power button' and you will be disconnected:

    Patriot VPN Usage, click the power button to disconnect
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