1. On your mobile device go to the Apple App Store, or click HERE from your mobile device:

    iOS App Store Icon on your mobile device

  2. In the Apple App Store, click on the magnifying glass to get the 'Search':

    Click on the magnifying glass to enable a search

  3. In the search bar type in 'Patriot VPN' and click 'Search':

    Type in 'Patriot VPN' then click 'Search'

  4. The 'Patriot VPN' application will show up; click on 'Get':

    Once 'Patriot VPN' shows up, click on 'Get'

  5. Depending on how you have your mobile device set up, you will either see a request for your Apple username/password or your fingerprint to install the application:

    Either log into your Apple account, or provide your fingerprint to allow installation (depending on how you have your phone set up)

  6. Once the Patriot VPN app installs, it will say 'Done':

    Once the app is installed, it will say 'Done'

  7. Now you can click 'Open' to open up the Patriot VPN:

    You can click 'Open' to open the Patriot VPN app

  8. You can also find the newly installed application on your mobile device and click on it to open up the Patriot VPN:

    Patriot VPN iOS app icon

  9. Once you open the application you will see the splash screen:

    The Patriot VPN app splash screen shows while it is starting up

  10. Once the Patriot VPN app has loaded, you will see the prompt, click 'OK':

    Click 'Ok' at the prompt

  11. Clicking 'Ok' will bring you to the main screen, to set up your user/pass click 'Settings':

    Click on 'Settings' to set up your username / password

  12. If you have already purchased your VPN account through patriotvpn.com, put in your VPN username and password, then click 'Update':

    If you have already purchased your account, put in your username, password, and click 'Update'

  13. IMPORTANT: If you have NOT purchased your VPN account and you DON'T want to buy from the patriotvpn.com site (at a cheaper rate), click 'Signup' in the app, otherwise, jump to #15 below:

    If you want to use the in-app purchase, click 'Signup'

  14. Put in your desired username, password, and click 'Purchase'.  Again, only use this option if you don't want to purchase through the patriotvpn.com website:

    Put in your desired username, password, and click 'Purchase'

  15. From item #12 above, after putting in your username & password, click 'Update' and you will see the confirmation, click 'Ok':

    The app will confirm when your username and password have been entered

  16. At the main screen, click on the 'Serverlist' to see the available servers to use, click on your desired server:

    Choose which server you want to use in your 'Serverlist'

  17. Your chosen server will show up on the main screen; click the 'Switch On' button to connect:

    Your server has been selected, click on the 'Switch On' power button

  18. On the first time you are connecting after installing the Patriot VPN app, your mobile device will ask to add the VPN connection, click 'Allow':

    Click 'Allow' to have the Patriot VPN add the VPN hook to your mobile device

  19. Depending on how you have your authentication set up on your phone, it will ask for your authorization to add the VPN connection (only once):

    You will only need to allow the VPN connection once

  20. From now on, when you click the 'Switch On' button, it will connect without requiring the permissions from the earlier step.  Once you are connected the button ring will be green:

    The 'Switch On' button will have a green ring when connected

  21. To turn off the connection, simply click the 'Switch Off'.
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