VPN Servers Not Connecting דווח
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As of 1/11/23 @ 7:50 Pacific

The NYC server is back online, all other servers are operational for iOS and Android.

The LA Server & Miami (not Miami2) are still being investigated for sporadic issues with the desktop client not connecting.

Stay tuned for more developments.



As of 1/6/23 @12:30 PM Pacific

Priority downgraded to 'High'.

The networking team has identified an issue with the SSL engine and the application API integration with these affected servers.

They are working with the programming team to resolve the issue.

The mobile application for iOS and Android is working correctly on all but the Manila server.

Stay tuned for more developments on a fix or resolution.




The network team has been notified of the following servers experiencing an outage:

IL, Tel Aviv
PH, Manila
RU, St. Petersburg
US, Miami
US, Los Angeles
US, New York City (invalid user/pass on all users)

The network team is researching these issues and will update the team on their findings.